The mission of Never Go Without. is to provide women and girls in need with pads, tampons, and incontinence supplies.

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    Never Go Without.

    The Problem

    Never Go Without. was created to bring light to the needs of homeless women and girls. The idea came about after I read a Huffington Post article from January 2015 titled For Homeless Women, Getting Their Period Is One Of The Most Difficult Challenges. It brought attention to the needs of homeless women. Feminine care products are a major expense, and these items don’t get donated regularly. Its our responsibility to help fill in the gap. The article suggested hosting a drive for these specific items.

    A simple endeavor that can go such a long way.

    The Solution

    In honor of my 24th birthday in 2015, I combined my love for fun and service and hosted a party. In lieu of gifts, I asked for unopened pads, tampons, and incontinence supplies.

    Each year I work hard to make the drive bigger and better to help more women and girls get the supplies they need to deal with their period and bladder leakage issues.

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  • Never Go Without will be participating in the 40th Annual Ridge Run & Parade on Monday May 29th. Help represent Never Go Without as we walk in the parade! Please register by visiting above.

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    Total number of items donated to Deborah's Place in 2016. Thanks to all the support of our generous donors.


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    You can help women and girls Never Go Without. feminine care products! You can make a monetary donation to Never Go Without. so we can continue our efforts to provide women and girls with pads, tampons, and incontinence supplies.

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